What happens on your first visit?965151

Your optimum oral health is our primary goal. The teeth, gums, jaw joints and muscles must all work together to allow you to chew efficiently. In the first visit we evaluate all these structures.

Your overall health affects you teeth and gums and vice versa. A thorough medical history evaluation is necessary to find any diseases or medications you are taking that might affect your dental health.

We start your exam by taking diagnostic xrays. With these xrays Dr. Scott can check for cavities, check the height and health of your bone, check for any abnormalities and check wisdom teeth formation.

An oral cancer screening is also performed in order to catch any problem lesions in the mouth. While rare, oral cancer is one of the more deadly cancers therefore Dr. Scott insists this screening is done at every cleaning appointment to ensure early detection.

The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are evaluated through all of the movements of the lower jaw. This also is an area where early detection is key. Popping, clicking and pain in this joint are signs of disorder of the TMJs. Dr. Scott can prescribe appliances and/or therapies to help alleviate these symptoms if needed.

The periodontal exam is a complete exam of not only the gingival (gums) but also the bone around the teeth. A probe is used to measure the space between the gums and the tooth (pockets). The color, type, and shape of the gums is also noted for problems. The periodontal bone is also examined on the xray to determine its health. This exam can also be considered the foundation exam as these tissues are the foundation for the teeth.

It is now time for the teeth exam. Each tooth is examined visually and with xrays. They are examined individually and then how they are in relation to each other in the bite. A cosmetic exam is also done at this time to correct any problems with color, shape or position of the teeth.

All of this information is then used to provide you with a complete treatment plan for a healthy and attractive smile both now and for your lifetime.