dentureScott Family Dentistry offers restorative and general dentistry services to residents of Benton and the surrounding communities. Patients typically endure trauma after tooth loss. This is because an incomplete smile affects oral health and one’s self-image. When tooth loss occurs – whether it’s the loss of some or all teeth – it is important to review your tooth replacement options. Full and partial dentures have long been the most affordable and effective way to replace missing teeth. Our dentist offers custom prosthetic teeth to help members of our community enjoy renewed appearance and oral function.

The Effects of Tooth Loss on Health

Beyond the psychological effects of tooth loss, there are oral health ramifications to losing teeth. First, tooth loss will affect oral function. Teeth work as a system to disperse the force and pressure associated with chewing and biting food. When one tooth is missing, it affects the even disbursement of pressure and force. If multiple teeth are missing, remaining teeth are left with far more pressure and force than they should endure. All of this can lead to tooth wear, which will require restorations like crowns or inlays and further tooth loss.

Another effect of tooth loss is the fact the any remaining teeth are left unsupported. Without support, teeth may collapse into empty tooth sockets. The loss of one tooth normally produces a ripple effect. Since one’s ability to eat comfortably is affected, some patients may become malnourished because their diets are restricted.

An Affordable Solution to Tooth Loss

Dentures are an effective solution to tooth loss. These prosthetics address the loss of oral function along with the cosmetic issues associated with an incomplete smile. There are two types of dentures: full and partial. Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw while partial dentures only replace some missing teeth, not all.

Full and partial dentures are made specifically for each patient. Our dentist will take detailed pictures and molds of a patient’s mouth to develop the measurements and specifications for one’s new prosthetics. These specifications are then sent to technicians in a dental laboratory who will create the custom prosthetic teeth. Dentures are made from very lifelike materials including porcelain and acrylic to closely resemble the appearance of teeth and gums.

To learn more about your tooth replacement options, we invite you to call Scott Family Dentistry to reserve a consultation with our caring and experienced dental team.