image0255It is never too late to improve one’s appearance. Patients with misaligned teeth tend to suffer socially because they often feel embarrassed by their smiles. Fortunately, our dentist offers a discreet and incredibly effective orthodontic system, Six Month Smiles®, which dramatically straightens and aligns teeth without appearing conspicuous to friends and coworkers. This orthodontic treatment method means that people can achieve the straight smile they have always wanted without having to wear dark metal wires or brackets during treatment.

Six Month Smiles was developed specifically to serve as a cosmetically pleasing alternative to traditional orthodontia. Consisting of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, Six Month Smiles takes an innovative and efficient approach to treatment so that patients can achieve a straighter smile in far less time than with typical braces.

The Importance of a Straight Smile

Possessing straight teeth greatly raises one’s self-confidence. Those with imperfect smiles typically cover their mouths with their hands and/or avoid social situations out of fear and embarrassment. In some cases, a crooked or gapped smile may lead to the development of social anxieties and depression. In addition to the effects of cosmetic issues associated with improperly aligned teeth, spacing issues can affect oral health.

Crooked, crowded and overlapped teeth are difficult to keep clean. In fact, flossing between crowded and overlapped teeth can be nearly impossible. Being unable to clean deep between teeth puts patients at a heightened risk for developing dental caries and periodontal disease.