toothHaving one’s wisdom teeth removed is a common oral surgery procedure. This is because the retention of wisdom teeth can be very problematic to one’s oral health. In most cases, our dentist recommends the removal of wisdom teeth to prevent the development of oral health complications such as abscesses, gum disease, and orthodontic issues. At Scott Family Dentistry, our team provides gentle tooth extractions so that members of our community can enjoy improved oral function and quality of life.

During regular checkups, our dentist will look for signs of wisdom tooth eruption through a physical examination and by looking at X-rays. If wisdom teeth are beginning to emerge, our team will normally recommend that our patients schedule an appointment in the near future for a tooth extraction.

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction is Necessary

When patients keep their wisdom teeth, they increase their risks for numerous oral health problems and dental conditions. Removing these teeth as soon as they begin to emerge is often a wise investment in one’s oral health. The reason wisdom teeth cause health problems is the fact that they emerge through the gums years after the rest of the mouth’s adult teeth have come through. With adult teeth already established, wisdom teeth can threaten their placement because there is often not enough room for wisdom teeth to erupt through the gums in an upright position. Instead, these teeth become impacted or “stuck” in the gums. This can lead to neighboring teeth developing decay, the gum tissue becoming infected, and existing teeth becoming crowded.

Surgically removing wisdom teeth can prevent the development of all these issues while also preserving the health of existing teeth and gum tissue. Moreover, wisdom teeth are not necessary for smooth and efficient oral function.

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Removal

If a tooth extraction is necessary, our team takes measures to ensure your comfort during treatment. We will administer local anesthetics to prevent discomfort and if necessary, mild sedatives to promote comfort and relaxation. After extractions, our patients overwhelmingly report positive and comfortable experiences with our dentist. Our staff will also provide instruction on how to care for one’s teeth and gums after wisdom tooth removal to facilitate a quick recovery.

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